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  • The Mingenew Races run by the Mingenew Turf Club Committee 14/07/2015 The Mingenew Races run by the Mingenew Turf Club Committee is traditionally held in March each year. The next race meet will be held in March 2016. Read More >>
  • Mingenew Irwin Polocrosse Carnival 14/07/2015 The Mingenew Polocrosse ground in Eleanor St is host to the district carnival to be held on the weekend of 8 and 9 August 2015. Read More >>
  • Council Meeting Dates 2015 25/11/2014

Welcome to the shire of mingenew

Mingenew has a wealth of assets not always obvious at first glance. The change of seasons brings on a whole new landscape including climatic changes. There are a number of drives well worth undertaking throughout the year to gain a real perspective of Mingenew.

The name Mingenew derives from either:

  • Minganu - Place of Many Ants or
  • Mininoo - Place of Many Waters

Both of these names were used by Aboriginals from the area. Records indicate settlement of the district occurred in the 1850's, although Europeans explored the area prior to this date.

Since settlement, the area has been renowned for its agricultural achievements. Stock and grain have been the mainstays of the district with the CBH Grain Receivals Point being the largest inland facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

The area has ample underground water supply, which aided the development of the settlement.

There are numerous original buildings still in use throughout the shire at present. Most of the buildings date back to the late 1850's to early 1900's.

There are approximately 500 people residing in Mingenew, with about two thirds in the town itself.