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Our Town

Mingenew is a place to soak up the very essence of country hospitality and lifestyle with the clean air and starry night sky. Situated only 383km north of Perth on the Scenic Midlands Way and 35 minutes from the tranquil ocean and the Irwin River Estuary. The Capital of the Mid West – Geraldton is only 110 kilometres away.

Mingenew is at latitude 29.12’ South and longitude 115.26’ east and 153m above sea level. The Shire is adjoined by Shires of Three Spings, Irwin and Mullewa.

The climate in Mingenew ranges from 20's to 40’s in summer with a pleasant winter average from approximately 12 up to the low 20’s. Our average annual rainfall is in the vicinity of 400mm

Rainfall (mm) 2015

Mingenew 0 3.8 22 16.8 17.5    
Strawberry 3.5 11 21.5 19 18.8    
Yandanooka 14.2 23.4 67.2 16.2 17.6    
Sth Mingenew 0 4.2 16.4 16.6 19.4    
Sth Holmwood 0.6 22.8 105.6 33.9 13    
Mingenew             60.1
Strawberry             73.8
Yandanooka             138.6
Sth Mingenew             56.6
Sth Holmwood             175.9